Reach The Right
Social Media Audience

Our mission is to create the best social media strategy for your business. Being visible on Facebook and other social networks is vital for your business if you want to reach more customers.

Increase traffic, strengthen your brand.

Get close to your audience.

In order to increase the number of visitors to your website we use the most up-to-date strategies & techniques.

We create a unique strategic plan for every business, because every businesses branding, target customers and goals are unique.


Social Media Strategy

Our strategy is to focus on what you want to sell and bring only the most interested customers.


Social Media Analysis

We analyze your competitors so you can lead the conversation and corner your market.


Website Traffic Generation

The more we optimize your social media accounts, the more traffic you’ll get to your website.


Social Media Management

We can manage your social media accounts to ensure consistency of posts & branding.


Social Media Traffic

The traffic that comes from social media is optimized, not like the traffic you get from other website or blogs.


Social Advertising

We can also advertise your business on social media platforms like Pinterest.


With Hundreds Of Satisfied Clients

It is safe to say we know social media.

We Start by analyzing your goals, your current social media presence. We craft a content plan, a posting schedule and a branding style, then implement the plan on your behalf.

We Also train you and/or your staff to use social media to supplement our plan.

We Have A Simple 4 Step Process
To Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Step 1 – Analyze

We’ll work closely with you to analyze your current social media presence. The 3 P’s: Platforms, Posting and Performance.

We then analyze your competitors.

Next we review your goals, budget and expectations.


Step 2 – Plan

After we gather all the details from you, we start the work on developing an execution plan. We develop a posting schedule, a content strategy and a branding style. To maintain consistency of posting, message and branding.

Our strategy team puts together all the information and the plan and we review it with you in detail to make sure It fits your needs.

Step 3 – Execute

Next we integrate your social media accounts, if you do not have accounts we create them.
We setup the schedule and begin creating content. Any special offers or deals are added and we begin posting on your behalf.

After a two week period we do a deep dive review of the relevant metrics, if we undercover any anomalies or changes that need to be made we will contact you to go over them and execute after they meet your approval. This occurs again at 1 month,

Depending upon the pre-defined review schedule, we will review and suggest changes to you. This is an ongoing process.

We also during this period train you or your team what and how to post to supplement what we are doing for you


Step 4 – Monitor Results & Optimize

Finally, We measure the results.

Our team monitors key metrics, through every step of the process and optimizes everything based on results. Some things might not work from the start, based upon data we tweak things so that we get the best results for you.

Ready To Start Using Social Media The Right Way?

Within Weeks Our Sales Exploded

Our interior design company needed a very urgent social media presence. All of our competitors were viral on Facebook and our business was nowhere. After using Tie Dye Digital, I could see results after the first two weeks. By week three there was a definite, measurable upswing in sales. After 1 month we were outranking our competitors and our sales started to exploded! I highly recommend Tie Dye Digital. 


Allen Strain, Strain Interior Design



If you have any other questions please contact us.

How much it costs?

We have several different pricing tiers, Starting as low as $99/month.

When will I see results?

The first results can be seen from 7 to 10 days depending on your business niche.

Is it safe for my business?

Yes, it is 100% safe. Every detail of your specific strategy, schedule, content & brand is reviewed with you before execution begins. All changes are must be approved by you prior to execution. We also have a post approval system so you can review and approve everything posted on your behalf.

Do I get any reports?

Yes! On a monthly basis you will receive a report detailing key metrics. Every three months your account rep will have a meeting with you to discuss any changes, tweaks or changes you might want to implement.

Works for any location?

Sure it does! You can be from any place of the world.

Money back guarantee

Unfortunately, because we have hard costs and cannot guarantee results, we do not offer a money back guarantee. We also do not have long term contracts. We operate on a monthly cycle, you can cancel at anytime.

The Two Most Important Things That
We Want To Achieve With Your Business


Be More Visible On Social Media

In order to attract more clients and sales organically, you must be visible on social media. That’s why it’s very important for us to make your business visible on Facebook and other platforms.

Ready to get started?


Sell More On Social Media

The main goal for us is to help you acquire more customers using social media, not just make it visible. In 2019 businesses will sell more on social media than most other marketing techniques.