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Google Adwords

Google Adwords is all about the perfect mix of targeting, bidding, placement and keeping your campaigns profitable.

Facebook ads

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online.
Facebook and Instagram marketing for brands

is now a priority.


Imagine a system that makes all your other marketing more effective.
Omni – Force Multiplies ALL Your Other Marketing.

Our Pay Per Click Process

Step 1. Listen

Every strategy must be customized to meet your goals, we start by understanding how your business works, what your clients want and who your competition is.

Step 2. Plan

We research keyword, targeting, customer psychology and other metrics, then devise a plan of action to meet your goals.

Step 3. Execute

We execute the plan, create the ads setup conversions & tracking for re-marketing purposes and we begin monitoring key metrics.

Step 4. Adapt

Campaigns are monitored daily, so that we can optimize based upon the data to alter, adjust and tweak campaigns ensuring optimal success!

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What Our Clients Say About Our Pay Per Click Services

Kyle Quinlynn

We love working with Tie Dye Digital. We started with no leads, no ads, no website. Tie Dye set us up, within days we were inundated with leads.

Sonia Salvador

Tie Dye Digital has the ability to go to the heart of the problem and create campaigns that are spot on, ready to implement now. They are AWESOME!

Chrissy Rutherford

The Tie Dye Digital team is super knowledgable, for us it is always a pleasure to work with them what they create is always on point.

Marko Dean

Since we started working with Tie Dye our sales have gone through the roof. The results we have had with them have been outstanding. We refer tons of people to them.



In 2019, for the first time ever, digital advertising spend will surpass traditional ad buys, which means that more and more businesses are discovering the value of campaigns like pay-per-click (PPC). the speed to market, performance data and budget control that PPC advertising offers, it is a high-value method of presenting your products and services to the right audience at the right time.

PPC provides a business with the opportunity to place ads in front of businesses and individual consumers based on specific search queries

The data you obtain from PPC will also provide valuable insights that will help drive other key business decisions.

PPC offers quantifiable results.


We love to work with all types of businesses. We like helping startups grown, local small businesses, solopreneurs, corporations. We work with anyone.


For a period of 14 days after a new ad campaign is launched, we review metrics daily. After that for maintenance we review, at least, every three days, at a minimum. Anything longer can cause wasteful spending. Our PPC Strategists monitor traffic regularly to identify emerging keywords with a high return in clicks and conversions. At the same time, we identify and filter out keywords that cause your ad to appear in irrelevant consumer searches, which puts you at risk for worthless clicks and drains your budget.


Yes, we offer long term services, we love to work with businesses long term. But our plans are monthly and can be cancelled at anytime.


PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing, which means that an advertiser pays each time their ad is clicked on. Stated another way, PPC is a pay-to-play bidding platform that rewards companies who are willing to pay more and/or dedicate more time on their campaigns with better ad placement and performance.

The Google Economic Impact Report states that on average, a business generates $2 in revenue for every $1 spent in its Ads platform. All in all, that is a solid ROI. To achieve these results, your PPC campaigns require lots of routine maintenance. Because these ads are so high-value and offer such impressive ROI, most organizations prefer to outsource PPC management to companies with experts in the field who can dedicate the time it requires to deliver these great results.


What you pay is determined by a number of factors, including:

- What your competitors are willing to pay

- How well your ad is written

- How relevant your ad is

- How well your landing page performs 

- How successful your ad is

Because Google and other PPC channels strive to ensure they create a highly relevant experience for search users, and because they also want to ensure that advertisers continue generating strong ROAS, they reward highly relevant ad experiences with lower costs per click.

What does this mean? The better you maintain your ads, your keyword universe, and your landing page experiences, the most cost-effective your PPC campaigns will be!



Set-up and launch: Your PPC Strategist will invest the time it requires to understand your business and objectives to identify the keywords and campaigns that achieve the results you’re after. After determining each individual term, and the appropriate bid amount for each using historical bid data from Google and other PPC channels, your Strategist will then write ad copy that will deliver the highest click volumes for each of your term categories. He or she will also work with you to provide landing page recommendations that help your entire ad experience be as relevant as possible to a search user.

Routine maintenance: After launching your campaigns your PPC Strategist will spend the time on routine campaign maintenance so that you don’t have to. This means checking on your keyword bids to ensure they’re still high enough to achieve the best ad placement, checking to ensure that user searches are relevant to your products and services, performing A/B test on ad variations to ensure your campaigns are in a state of constant improvement, monthly performance reporting and much more.


True success is the kind that gives you a return on investment (ROI). At a minimum, you need to measure both clicks and conversions. Conversions are people who click on an ad and also take the next step of filling out an online form or calling your business.

You may also choose to measure the success of individual campaigns in different ways. For example, success wouldn’t look the same for a campaign designed to give you more traffic to your Facebook page as it would for a Search campaign designer to generate more sales.

“Success” for your Tie Dye Digital team means tracking clicks and post-click activity. It’s a process that includes “qualifying” leads through the sales funnel. Our team implements data-driven tracking that holds your clicks accountable to the bottom line.

We work with businesses to acquire and build meaningful relationships with clients, we focus on delivering a complete success-driven end-to-end service. What we do is not rocket science. It’s much harder. We deal in intuition, feelings, perceptions, and motivation. We create ad campaigns that resonate, ads that tell the right story, to the right audience, at the right time, To Drive Action!

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